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Where to Start

you want your money to work smarter and go farther, but you’re not sure where to start...

You’re trying to budget, trying to figure out where your best financial options exist, trying to find where you might be able to trim some expenses. But Money. Is. Complicated. And frustrating. And stressful. And critical. And… and… and...


you're tired

You’ve tried the budgeting apps and saving plans, but nothing seems to stick. No matter how many times you’ve started, it just feels like you’re spinning your wheels with no forward motion.


you're overwhelmed

You want sound financial advice and guidance, but you don’t know where to turn. There’s so many options, and everywhere you’ve tried, you just feel like an account number.


you deserve better

Whether you’re ready to make your money work smarter, or need financial help and don’t know where to find it, you deserve to feel confident in your money decisions and work with someone who knows you by name.

Where to Start

it’s time to take control of your finances

At Charlotte Metro, we’re your financial partner for everything! If you’re ready to tackle a budgeting plan, understand your loan options, boost your savings account, or just find sweet perks and discounts to be a savvier spender, we have the tools for you.


"Amazing, friendly staff who are always helpful. This credit union proves that customer service still exists."

Jason B.

"I've been a member here for 11 years now and they have never failed me. I would recommend anyone to trust them for their financial needs."

Seluleta S.

"This credit union is outstanding. They do figure 8's around the big banks and have the friendliness only found elsewhere in small towns. They perform better and provide better basic banking services than any of their banking competitors."

Gary K.

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Bowl of Ice Cream

customized financial solutions tailored to you

Your money... it’s extremely important and highly personal. We understand the personal needs you have when it comes to your finances. And that's why we’ve built specialized solutions that fit seamlessly into your life – helping you to more easily manage your money and equipping you with the tools to assist you in making smarter plans for the future.

Bowl of Ice Cream

checking accounts

Flexibility and control – these are the 2 most valuable features of your checking account. At Charlotte Metro, all our checking accounts are designed to keep you in control with the on-the-spot financial access you need.

Explore Checking

savings accounts

Saving can be stressful - our savings accounts make it simple! Your $5 minimum opening deposit gives you access to a comprehensive suite of products and services as well as Online and Mobile Banking with no monthly fee.

Start Saving

credit cards

Rates or rewards - why not both? Get the spending power you need with rates you deserve on everyday purchases with the perks that give you more.

FInd Your Credit Card


Impressive rates and flexible options put the purchasing power in your hands. Whether you’re on the hunt for a home, auto, or personal loan, Charlotte Metro will help turn your possibility into reality.

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jumpstart your financial success

dog walking chaos

your money can feel complicated - but it doesn’t have to.

At Charlotte Metro, we know you want to be confident in your finances. And in order to feel that way, you need your money to stretch farther and work smarter. The problem is... you don’t know where to start. So you’re overwhelmed and stressed. We believe you should be able to achieve your financial goals in life and we understand you’re doing everything you can think of, but there are just so many options. That’s why we’re the trusted financial partner of more than 92,000 people just like you.

Here’s how it works: set your goals, break down those goals into bite-sized pieces, and get expert guidance and support. Start by taking this Savings Style quiz to create your personalized plan so you can stop stressing about money and let your financial future soar.

dog walking chaos

tired of asking yourself the same questions?

Having questions about whether your interest rate is too high, if you're paying too much on a loan, or simply being unsure about which type of loan is right for your current situation can make or break the bank.

One of the first steps is tackling your loans - that means understanding all of your options, knowing the breakdown of the principal and interest in your monthly payments, and being aware of your overall debt. Whether you’re planning for a big purchase, trying to lower your monthly payments, or looking to consolidate debt, we’ll help you craft your perfect borrowing plan.

Learning & Guidance

the credit union difference

Not sure if a credit union is right for you? Take a peek at our learning center to see why Charlotte Metro is your perfect match.