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Online Banking

Managing your personal finances has never been easier! Online Banking and your Internet connection are all you need to get fast, convenient access to your Charlotte Metro account information. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With Online Banking you can:

  • Check your Account Balances
  • Review Current and Past Account Activity
  • Transfer Funds between your CMCU Accounts
  • Transfer Funds to any other member of CMCU
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Open additional accounts online
  • Make a Payment to your CMCU Loan
  • Make a Payment to your CMCU Mortgage
  • Access Online Bill Pay
  • View Withdrawal and Deposit Checks Online
  • Activate and Block ATM/Debit/Credit Cards
  • Request Check Copies
  • Initiate Stop Payments
  • Reorder Checks
  • Secure Messaging
  • Create Custom Alerts based on your specific needs
  • And More


cashflowNetWorth Non CMCU Transfer

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The budgeting features in CMCU's Online Banking will help you to better manage your money right from the start.

First of all, you can customize a budget to fit your needs and circumstance.

As time goes by, you can review expenses. Let's say you want to know how much money you've spent dining out over the last six months. You can easily collect and chart that information to see if your spending habits in that category are in-line with your budget objectives.

You can get even more detailed by tracking specific expenses, say, just your coffee purchases over a certain period.


Charlotte Metro Federal Credit Union makes it easier for you to simplify your life by supporting the last three  versions of Quicken and Quickbooks through One Step Update.

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Quicken, the market leader in personal finance management, provides you with the tools you need to manage all of your finances. Monitor your accounts, balance your checkbook, manage your spending, and more. Keeping track of your money is now easier than ever!

Quickbooks, a small business accounting and financial software solution, provides customer snapshots with key customer information, invoicing, and accounts receivable solutions.

Conversion Instructions from Quicken Webconnect to One Step Update(Direct Connect).

Conversion FAQ Quicken


Here are several features that make using Online Banking a smooth process:

Custom Searches

search tool

You can search your financial records like you'd search the Internet using Google.

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Type in a key word or thought and all references will appear. The search will select information you wanted when you began.

You can also search specific transactions, say, all gasoline purchases in the last 30 days. Or you can search all gasoline purchases made from one particular merchant.

Getting the information you need quicker makes managing your money a snap.


Non CMCU Transfer Non CMCU Transfer

With Online Banking, if you have accounts at other financial institutions you can transfer money between those accounts and your Charlotte Metro accounts.

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 No more writing yourself a check and making a physical deposit at another bank's branch on your lunch hour. Note that there is no CMCU charge for this feature, but your other financial institution may charge you for the transfer from your accounts at that institution.

Also with Online Banking, you can establish regularly scheduled transfers to other accounts. Say you have a college student in your family and you share a joint account with them, you can arrange a regular transfer on whatever schedule you desire to fund that account for their expenses.

Online Statements

Stop the paper! Reduce the clutter in your life by eliminating paper checking account statements and switching to  Online Statements.

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Signing up for Charlotte Metro's Online Statements is as simple as 1-2-3!  It's secure, free and the "green" thing to do.

1. Log in to Online Banking 

2. Click Statements on the main menu.

3. Click Request Online Statements on the secondary menu, and agree to the terms.

It’s that easy!  At the beginning of each month you will receive an email.  This email provides a secure link where you will be directed to sign in to Online Banking to view your statement. You have the ability to download, view and print all of your secure archived statements at your convenience.

Secure Technology.  We use a minimum of 256-bit encryption technology and personal password protection to ensure that your account information remains private and secure while you are online. Your Online Statements are secured with multiple layers of encryption, firewalls, and screening. The safety of your financial information is of the utmost importance to us, which is why these security measures exceed industry standards.

Mobile Alert

What you don't know could hurt you. And that's why signing up fpr Charlotte Metro Alert is a protection.

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CMCU Alert gives you the immediate account information that YOU tell it to give you - the service is highly customizable based on the type of account information you need. Information is power. And power means you can control the situation. Learn when a payment you've made leaves your account, learn when an incoming deposit is available, learn about auto-payments leaving your account, set up an auto balance alert - the possibilities are almost endless. And this means you'll always be on-top of your financial situation.

The Alert service is available to Charlotte Metro Online Banking users.

If you are not signed up for Online Banking, Look in the right column of this page under the heading, "Getting Started".

If you are currently using Online Banking, sign-up for Alert the next time you sign in. Don't ever be the last to know what's happening with your account. Use Charlotte Metro Alert.